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How To find main Window Title name of application In running In Tray.

c# - Get a windows title by it's process name without main window - Stack Overflow

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. How To Find main Window Title name of application In running In Tray Or Taskbar. Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov Aug 2: Why would you need to find anything?

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Top Rated Most Recent. It seems like you want to get a list of all the running applications on your machine so you can look for one by main window title, right? IntPtrByVal lparam As System. Alloc WindowList Try clsEnumWindows. EnumWindowsProc AddressOf EnumWindowsCallBackGCHandle. ToIntPtr ListHandle Finally ListHandle. IsWindowVisible handle Then Dim TitleBuilder As New System. Target, List Of ManagedWindow clsEnumWindows. GetWindowText handle, TitleBuilder, TitleBuilder.

GetWindowThreadProcessId handle, ProcessID Dim ClassNameBuilder As New System. GetClassName handle, ClassNameBuilder, ClassNameBuilder. Add New ManagedWindow handle, TitleBuilder. GetProcessById ProcessIDClassNameBuilder. Dim windows As List Of clsEnumWindows. ManagedWindow In windows Me. Yogesh N Sh 3-Sep 1: Its Work But it work only when My application Is Minimize in task Bar.

But Not Working In tray When My Application is Running In tray Its Not Work. I ti snot absolutely clear what your final goal is, but run this snippet, and see: MainWindowTitle ; foreach var handle in EnumerateProcessWindowHandles p. Capacity, message ; Console. It is a separate object, and in general it will create the window on a specific event and destroy it when not needed anymore. If it is only hidden, you will see it in the list. If you need all windows not only the main ones, you can use the EnumThreadWindows API function.

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